Burkardroth: usury with water?

Burkardroth: usury with water?

The year 2020 has begun for the people of burkardroth with fee increases: since the first of january, a cubic meter of water costs 1.88 euros, in addition, the municipal administration decided to increase the land charges. Last year the price of a cubic meter of water was 1.75 euros. The burgers are not happy about it. Because already in the previous years, the prices for the "kuhle nass" rose in the market. According to the municipality, one of the reasons for the new price increase is the need for additional personnel, such as a water master.

Burkardroth: a resident of burkardroth shares his opinion in a letter to the editor

Kurt kirchner from burkar droth wrote a letter to the editor expressing his displeasure at the constant price increases for water and denouncing the failings of the municipality. The reason for the increased costs is "incompetence on the part of the administration". In his letter to the editor, kirchner considers the reasons given by the market for the price increase to be "flimsy.

However, the municipality does indeed need a water master. This is clear from the rules and regulations of the german technical and scientific association for gas and water (DVGW). The requirements are based on the complexity of the supply system.

Because the market burka r droth has more than 5000, but less than 30000 inhabitants, according to the regulations the municipality needs a specialist with the "minimum qualification: certified ( r ) water master ( in); certified ( r ) technician ( in) with specialization in supply engineering or equivalent qualification". The division of the network between the rhon-maintal group and the market also makes it necessary for the municipality to have a water master, according to jurgen metz, the managing official of the district office of bad kissingen. The market therefore decided to train an employee as a water master.

Municipality had to act

But in fact the municipality needed the expert for a long time. "In recent years, however, the focus has tended to be on the coarser suppliers", says heiko schuhmann, the chamberlain at burkar dro ther town hall.

In 2021, the municipality would also like to hire an engineer, as confirmed by mayor daniel wehner (CSU) in response to a question from this editorial team. The head of the town council continued: "one of the employees in the town hall is retiring, and we are looking to fill his position in this way." The decision was made by the committee in a closed session last tuesday.

Burkardroth market: looking for an engineer for building construction

One of the fields of application for the engineer is to be building construction, where the market will become increasingly active in the coming years. These include, for example, the clearing plant in premich or the extension of the lauter hoarding.

The engineer could take over the tasks of the technical manager of the water supply in the market. The municipality had thus killed two birds with one stone. Schuhmann confirms this. But: "depending on his specialization, he may have had to attend a further training course." Metz adds: "if it’s a structural engineer, he also needs several years of experience. Unless he has studied the subject of water more intensively during his studies."

Topic raised in the municipal council

According to schuhmann, this possibility had been discussed in the old municipal council. Florian eickhoff, a market councillor from gefall, confirms this. According to schuhmann, the members felt that if the engineer took over the tasks of the technical manager, he would not have enough time in his actual areas of activity.

In order to compensate for this, an additional job may have had to be created. And: according to schuhmann, the costs had been higher than for the final decision. "We also have to consider whether we, as a municipality, can find an engineer at all, because we can’t offer a salary like in the private sector", says eickhoff.

Reminiscences of the year 2017

He thinks back to the year 2017. At that time, the municipality had already advertised the position of an engineer. "At that point, however, we didn’t get anyone who suited us", says wehner.

According to schuhmann, other reasons played a role in the former town council’s vote. In dangerous situations, for example in the case of a contamination of the pipeline network, it is important to have someone who is 100 percent active in the field of water. The expert was able to make the right decisions quickly. Failure to comply with the DVGW regulations could result in liability or even criminal prosecution.

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