Building area for rudendorf

At its meeting, the ebelsbach community council also discussed the installation of photovoltaic systems on community roofs and the question of a new building area in rudendorf.

Both items were the subject of motions from community councilor alexander kab (). With regard to photovoltaic systems, he referred to the fight against climate change and presented a concept "with which we as a community can generate, store and distribute our own electricity". The electricity is produced by a photovoltaic system on the school in rudendorf, is stored in an electricity reservoir and is available at night, for example. Surplus electricity will be fed into the power grid and credited to an electricity account. Then this electricity could be drawn from the grid again, he said.

That's why he proposed that an electricity management plan be drawn up and presented to the municipal council. Mayor walter ziegler (BNL) reminded of the fact that one had already determined some time ago a concept with support of the professional school in amberg. Of course, the problem must be addressed; this is the task of the next municipal council, he said.

The other application was aimed at the designation of building sites in rudendorf. There were only a few privately owned building sites and three that were owned by the municipality. But in his opinion, these countries cannot be used as building sites. "We need sensible building land, not only in ebelsbach, but in all parts of the village and also in rudendorf", he demanded.

For planning

The municipal council decided to designate a new building area in rudendorf and to plan over a flat area.

Likewise, they spoke in favor of the building yard with a fiber optic connection and to make a demand request. The purchase comes to around 28,000 euros, of which the municipality has to pay ten percent of its own share. 

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