Bond 25 and the “curse” of 007

Bond 25 and the 'curse' of 007

In his films, james bond has been shot and tortured, almost drowned, survived countless car chases and the most creative murder attempts of nasty supervillains.

But ahead of his cinematic anniversary, the as-yet-untitled bond 25, the famed secret agent has problems to contend with off-screen. For months the production has been accompanied by negative headlines.

In the past week there was again. The producers announced on the official james bond website and social media that an accident had occurred on the set at pinewood studios west of london. In a "controlled explosion" the wall of the famous "007 stage" was severely damaged. On top of that, a crew member who was outside the hall was slightly injured.

These "bond 25 updates" on the official 007 channels are now almost infamous. Only two weeks earlier it was announced that lead actor daniel craig had been injured during filming in jamaica and had to undergo bone surgery. Craig then had to undergo two weeks of rehabilitation. However, the production will continue, the producers emphasized. The film is scheduled for release in april 2020.

The start of bond 25, originally scheduled for this fall, has already been postponed twice – first to february 2020, after director danny boyle resigned "over creative differences" and was replaced by cary joji fukunaga. Later the date was moved by another two months to april 2020 – according to media reports because the script had to be improved.

The british tabloids are already talking about a "curse" on 007. Craig’s injury and the associated break in filming for him now apparently poses new problems for the producers. The sun" newspaper reports difficulties in finding a date for craig and rami malek to shoot scenes together. Oscar winner malek ("bohemian rhapsody"), who is set to play the villain in bond 25, has other pressing film commitments.

Now photos of the 51-year-old craig from last weekend have surfaced. On it is to be seen, how the 007-actor on sunday with shined leg and on krucken went by the new yorker airport JFK. "You only limp twice," wrote several newspapers, alluding to the bond classic "you only live twice. When craig will be back in front of the camera is unclear.

But there is also good news. For days the second unit has been shooting in norway on the atlantic strait and on the storseisund bridge, without craig. In norwegian media a presumed double of the brit in an aston martin V8 vantage could be seen. The luxury car was already driven by craig’s predecessor timothy dalton as bond in "the breath of death" (1987), even with identical license plates.

There has long been speculation that the anniversary film, which stars craig and malek as well as actresses lea seydoux, ana de armas and lashana lynch, could include allusions to older james bond adventures. 007 fans will be happy, and bond 25 could really use a few positive headlines at the moment.

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