Archbishop schick comes to church jubilees

"This day is for us a great day of joy and at the same time the first visit of a chief shepherd of bamberg after the consecration of the church", declared in thurnau pastor thomas wagner, who also warmly welcomed the evangelic dean hans hager. "Joy, as the bible says, is what the bishop should bring when he comes to the parishes. I hope that we can do the same today", replied ludwig schick.

The archbishop made it clear that he wants to visit all the churches and chapels in the archdiocese of bamberg step by step, regardless of the jubilees. There are 800 of them, at the moment schick has visited almost 600: "but the most important thing is to visit the people who belong to it, the christians and of course the non christians as well." The goal, according to the archbishop, is to give thanks, to reflect and to give encouragement.

On the occasion of the construction of the church in thurnau, schick recalled the fate of the expellees and refugees. "They came here from their ancestral homeland. They had practiced their faith there, and that had given them something. Then they had to leave their homeland. Even in this difficult time of expulsion and flight, and the arrival here, people are on the move, faith provides support and orientation. He gives confidence, hope and also the strength to build up again. This is what they have experienced. And that is why they wanted to continue the faith in the catholic form also here. That is why this church was built. We have been able to use it for 60 years, and we thank you for it."

In his sermon, the archbishop spoke about the importance of the houses of god for the christian community and for the daily life of faith and charity from birth to death.

In the name of the christoph reichl, christine bergmann and michael kaim presented the archbishop with a gift.

The festive service was accompanied by the church choir st. St. Mary's was solemnly decorated with the support of the deanery choir under the direction of wolfgang gebert.

Afterwards, mayor dietmar hofmann (SPD) asked archbishop schick to sign the golden book of the market town of thurnau. At the same time, the head of the parish congratulated the church congregation of st. Mary's 60th birthday. Return of the church consecration.

Role model franz holzapfel
Hofmann also thanked all those who had borne responsibility over the years. He gave the example of franz holzapfel, who moved from kulmbach in 1967 and held the office of sacristan for 35 years and was church administrator for 40 years.

The archbishop of bamberg also received a warm welcome in neudrossenfeld, where the laying of the church's cornerstone 50 years ago was commemorated. In a simple prayer he wanted his visit to be understood as gratitude, for reflection and renewal.

"Faith gives us comfort and strength, the gospel conveys values, and we must not let problems get us down, but solve them", he gave to the believers on the way.

The protestant local chaplain johannes feldhauser emphasized the lived ecumenism in neudrossenfeld "we are not only close to each other through adjacent church towers". Martin potsch, deputy chairman of the parish council, thanked the bamberger wurdentrager for strengthening the sense of community among catholic christians.

For the political community brought mayordieter schaar (free voters) congratulations. To commemorate the anniversary, schick was allowed to sign the golden book of the municipality.

With euphoria and personal achievement
A glance showed the euphoria with which the church with the name "st" was built half a century ago.Mary, consoler of the afflicted" was built. It is a symbol of the integration of the displaced persons who brought the catholic faith to the village.

Today, the parish has about 400 members "we also cultivate a strong sense of ecumenism, says mike kaim of the parish council. According to his words, teamwork is writ large, his wife beate is the organist, marco zapf and udo bergmann take care of the youth work, and the mesner couple dana and heinrich moj keep an eye on everything. "The catholic church community of neudrossenfeld looks positively into the future".

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