After death of 14-year-old: school plans memorial service for keira

After death of 14-year-old: school plans memorial service for keira

After the violent death of 14-year-old keira in berlin, her school is planning a memorial service. The exact date, however, has not yet been set, said principal thomas barthl of the grunen campus malchow.

It is conceivable, he said, that a memorial service will be held before the school vacations, which will take place in berlin on 26. March start. "There is still grief and bewilderment, there are questions that no one can answer," is how barthl described the mood in the school on tuesday. Five school psychologists are on site. "But there are isolated students who are unable to come to class," he said.

A 15-year-old schoolmate had confessed to stabbing the girl to death in alt-hohenschonhausen. The german was arrested on sunday in the apartment of his parents. The speed skater was attacked with several knife wounds in her apartment on wednesday, one of which hit her directly in the heart. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the two had been on a date.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the motive of the alleged perpetrator is still unclear. Investigation continues, also in the vicinity of the victim, it hailed on tuesday. A judge on monday issued a warrant for the 15-year-old’s arrest for manslaughter. That such a young suspect comes to U-haft, is rather rare. The reason given was the danger of collusion.

Meanwhile, police take action against pegida initiator lutz bachmann over tweet about 14-year-old’s death. "We are investigating for slander, false suspicion and incitement of the people," a police spokesman said. Bachmann had written in the short message service: "murder case #keira G. Now it’s probably out: the beast of the caucasus, edgar H., chechen muslim and ex-escapee". To that end, he had linked to a man’s facebook profile. The tweet is no longer visible on twitter.

The person to whom bachmann linked is not identical to the suspect in U custody, police say. Bachmann himself wrote on twitter that his tweet was not a statement of fact and referred to his phrase "probably". First the portal "T-online" had reported.

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