Acquittal in vienna opec attack murder trial

acquittal in vienna opec attack murder trial

The now 80-year-old was originally accused of helping to prepare the attack on the 1975 conference of the organization of the petroleum exporting countries. The robbery in which three people died was under the command of terrorist ilich ramirez sanchez alias carlos.

The frankfurt court sentenced suder on tuesday to three and a half years in prison for his involvement in three attacks at the end of the 1970s. The attacks involved the heidelberg castle, a pump factory in frankenthal in the palatinate, and the MAN company in nurnberg, which caused considerable damage. It took 40 years for the deeds to be finally forgotten.

Especially in the bombing of the konigssaal in the heidelberg castle in 1978, the accused had taken the danger of people into account, said the presiding judge. Half an hour before the explosion, there was still a guard in the room.

Suder received the verdict in an agitated manner, her eyes covered with sunglasses. The 80-year-old is said to have once belonged to the revolutionary cells (RZ), a left-wing extremist terrorist group. She was able to leave the courtroom after the verdict at large. The arrest warrant was executed by auber, as suder had already served more than two-thirds of the prison sentence in pre-trial detention. She was then celebrated by around 100 sympathizers in front of the regional court.

The trial in frankfurt had lasted almost 14 months. In the course of the proceedings, the public prosecutor’s office itself was dissuaded from accusing suder of murder because there was no evidence of his complicity in the opec assassination. The court spoke of an "immensely arduous fact-finding process" when it handed down its verdict. The defense had demanded acquittal on all counts of the indictment. The verdict is not yet legally binding.

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