2 Kilos of drugs in the trunk and some in the blood: escape from the police on the a3 fails miserably

2 kilos of drugs in the trunk and some in the blood: escape from the police on the a3 fails miserably

A 31-year-old man had bad luck on friday afternoon when he was stopped by a police patrol on the A3 autobahn. After the driver had left the highway, he tried to flee with his car. After a subsequent traffic accident, the escape to fub was of no use, the driver was caught up by the officers and arrested. The police found a total of more than two kilograms of marijuana in the car.

Criminal investigator demands legalization of cannabis – government continues to reject release
at around 4:00 p.M., the accused was driving his BMW on the A3 in the direction of nurnberg. After leaving the highway near hochberg, he was to be checked by officers from the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police station. The 31-year-old stopped, but blocked all lanes and then accelerated to evade control. Immediately the patrol took up the pursuit. The young man could not lull himself into safety for long, because he caused an accident in wurzburg by his driving alone.

Escape to fub

Apparently hoping he could escape the police officers to fub, he jumped out of his car and took his legs in his hands. CID officers, who had rushed to assist, quickly caught up with the fugitive together with their colleagues from the highway patrol and arrested him before he could escape. The reason for the attempted escape was soon discovered: over two kilograms of marijuana were found in the 31-year-old's vehicle. He had to accompany the officers to the police station. Since he had apparently ingested some of the intoxicant, he also had to undergo a blood test.

Custody ordered

At the request of the wurzburg public prosecutor's office, the accused was brought before the examining magistrate on saturday, who ordered him to be remanded in custody. The officers took him to a correctional facility. He is now being prosecuted under the narcotics law. The investigation is being conducted by the wurzburg police in close cooperation with the wurzburg public prosecutor's office.

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