1.2 Million for school sports

The school sports facility in breitengubbach is to be overhauled. Now the design planning has been presented to the municipal council. For about 1.2 million euros, the land should shine in new splendor and again fulfill all the necessary functions. More extensive construction work is needed for it.

Max brust from the engineering firm weyrauther explained to the committee what will happen at the school sports facility. "We have had agreements with the school management and the municipality, and have thus determined the necessary m." The circular track, the 100-meter track, the long jump and shot put facility as well as the surface of the multi-purpose field are to be renewed. In addition, a fence is to be erected and a ball catcher fence installed in some areas. Initial work has already begun, for example on demolition.

Improvements are also planned for the spectators. This is how the tribune along the fubball field is to be extended. Wheelchair users could then use the upper area; otherwise, additional seating steps would be provided.

Of the 1.2 million euros, around 430000 euros are for the renewal of the plastic surface, 54 000 euros for earthwork and excavation work and 51 000 euros for the renewal of the drainage facilities. Some new equipment is also included in the total price.

Is a ball fence necessary?

Mayor sigrid reinfelder explained that care had been taken to maintain the current standard of the school sports facility – the planning had been primarily functional and in consultation with the users. The community must pay for most of the construction costs itself – the demand is capped at 190,000 euros and is calculated on the basis of the community’s tax power and the number of schools.

The council discussed the need for a ball fence behind the soccer goals. It had not been taken into account in the planning so far. Reinfelder pointed out that other newly built or renovated facilities, such as the sports field in baunach, did not have such a fence. Brust said, such a one would be about 10 000 euros and could also be rustet. The municipality could also wait for the results of the tenders and plan for it if the prices were favorable. The renovation of the school sports facility was then unanimously approved.

Little chance of success

With the hans-jung hall, the municipality is applying for the federal program "renovation of municipal facilities in the areas of sports, youth and culture". "We have already commissioned a renovation concept for the hall to the architectural firm paptistella, which is currently being drawn up. With the federal program, there was a demand for 45 percent – a good thing, since other demands are rather meager, according to reinfelder.

Should the application be successful, the hall could also be upgraded a little in terms of design and become a link for sporting, cultural and health activities in the community and the region. In the foyer, for example, an information center can be set up. Because the federal program prescribes certain components – especially urban development policy impulses. But heating, ventilation and sanitation are at the top of the renovation list.

The application was unanimously approved. However, reinfelder said, the prospects of success are rather slim, since only 600 million euros in demand funds have been awarded nationwide.

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